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Working together "in retreat" can be very special.
Please also read about my Eagle Lake Arts Retreat Centre.

Women's Retreat

I recently conducted a workshop at a Women's Retreat.
The weekend was filled with activities to relax, enlighten,
challenge and inform the participants on a very personal level.
My mask workshop was one of the activities.

I shared a number of my Personal Mythology felt pieces to begin,
(visit Fibre Room 1 in the gallery to see these),
and we completed several warm up exercises. I then told a
thought-provoking, highly symbolic, Lithuanian folktale in mask.
The story spoke to the need for us to rejuvenate, that we will
burn out if we don't take the time to reach inside
ourselves and be quiet and listen.

I had prepared blank half masks for each person and provided a
good selection of paint and embellishments, which included
natural materials, beads, feathers, fabrics, notions etc.

The participants were free to embellish their personal masks however
they wished. I stressed the importance of creating from the gut,
and to leave aside judgements of their own and others' work.
It was not an easy process for everyone. Some looked at the blank
white masks, and although they didn't actually say it, their whole
bodies said, "I can't do this!" They looked at examples I'd
brought with me and I guided them through the range
materials available to them.
Finally they began and created extraordinary
pieces that both surprised and delighted them!

It was a thoroughly enjoyable, revealing and enlightening time.

(See examples of these astounding masks 
in the Workshops Room 1 in the Gallery) 

Future sessions will include getting acquainted 
with their masks, writing, telling and enacting 
their stories through movement and sound.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested 
in participating in then please drop me a note:

Retreats mask


I can tailor talks, performances or workshops, which 
incorporate fibre, stories and mask, for individuals,
guilds, and student or corporate groups.

For more information, please email

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