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Needlefelting and Beyond.

Associated with ancient mythology, felt is traditionally the process of interlocking wool fibres using soap, water and agitation creating a strong fabric that can be used functionally or decoratively. This course will provide an opportunity to explore exciting applications of an ancient craft. The new technique of needlefelting will be explored.

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Needlefelting and Beyond
Specialty needles that have no eye and need no thread will be used to form your 2 and 3D creations. Traditional and innovative wet felting techniques will include inlay, lamination with fabrics and silk, using resists, and felt sculptures.

Discussions will include the suitability of different wools for felting as well as other materials. You will be encouraged to experiment with a variety of natural and man-made fibres as well as surface embellishments including stitching, found objects and foil treatments.

Projects may include fabric/felt lap quilts, wearable art, masks, vessels, pouches, creatures and landscapes. No felting experience is needed. There will be a material fee of $35 for the first projects payable to the instructor on the first day. Materials will be available for purchase for your chosen projects throughout the week.

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I can tailor talks, performances or workshops, which 
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