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    Having worked in sales and service industries 
for over 20 years, and running my own business 
as a consultant and facilitator of services and 
communication skills for over 10 years, I am 
equipped with the knowledge and skills to 
understand the needs of the corporate 
My workshops are renowned for being fun,
highly interactive, set in a safe environment 
to experiment within, relevant and focussed.

These innovative workshops are no exception.

Participants will gain a deeper appreciation 
for the roles they and others play, how these 
affect their own self-perception, and the impact 
of this on the people they live and work with.

Masks have two sides - on the one hand 
concealment and protection, and on the 
other communication and revealment.
This ambiguity fits well into the 
corporate world.

  Corporate workshops


M A S K S   M A K E   I T   P O S S I B L E   T O   T R A N S F O R M    U S.      
T H E Y   S I M P L I F Y   A N D   C L A R I F Y.


'Behavioural Style Management'
The use of mask to expand our understanding of the roles we and others play.
These sessions can benefit teams and internal client relationships, they can also
facilitate conflict resolution, unblock progress and assist change management.

 'Snapping the chains that bind us'
Using stories from around the world we can gain insight into who we are and
what's important to us.
We can begin to recognize and confront what holds us back and what we need to do
in order to be all that we can, both professionally and personally.

 'Tasks for Masks'
We're constantly improving our 'hard' capabilities, managing projects, learning new
technology, measuring results.
Managing ourselves and how effective we are in our interactions with others are among
what Goldman calls Personal and Social Competencies. In our increasingly technical
world these are essential, and often overlooked skills.
In this workshop, we'll take an highly innovative and different approach to
understanding how these competencies can enhance our abilities to achieve job
satisfaction, produce results and reduce stress!

 'How to become your own Change Master'
We'll explore strategies, skills and techniques that will help equip you
personally to become your own Change Master.
What form change takes is often out of our control, for example, downsizing (as a
survivor, and as a victim), budget cuts, new boss, new or increased responsibilities,
and changes in lifestyle to name a few.
This action-packed workshop therefore concentrates on what you can do in
response to inevitable change.
Our time together will include written exercises, discussion, stories, and concrete,
practical steps you can take to lower your stress levels, reframe, regroup and
re-inject enthusiasm and excitement into your life as you open to fresh challenges
and possibilities.

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For more information, please email:

Having been a corporate trainer for many years, I'm now working full time with mask,
story and fibre art. I feel honoured to have Rita Grimaldi and Helen Porter, Canadian
storytellers and Michael Chase, Master Mask maker and user from England, as teachers
and guides while I develop this work.
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I can tailor talks, performances or workshops, which 
incorporate fibre, stories and mask, for individuals,
guilds, and student or corporate groups.



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