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The Creative Cocoon workshop, UNFETTERED FELT, was held on July 7, 2001,
and was a very exciting day for me!!
This was the first in the series 'Fibre Unshackled!'. These workshops are designed
to unleash the creativity we all have inside us, using a fibre technique as a tool.

Through exercises and music we explored what creativity is and what stops us
sometimes. After a potluck lunch I gave a short needle felting demonstration and
everyone received a piece of industrial felt for their backgrounds, a pile of wool
fibre and a selection of felting needles.

There was no hesitation! This exceptional group of ladies embraced the concepts
and the technique and you could have heard a pin drop as they worked away! As
the work progressed they stood back from their pieces, squinting a little to see
what was emerging. We turned them sideways, upside down, every which way
until we 'saw' what was there so we could give it life.

I encouraged everyone to spend time listening for the story their pieces had to tell
- they all had a lot to say!

These images show you the ladies at work and a selection of their magnificent and
powerful finished pieces. Watch for the next workshop in this series called
'Bowers for Two-Leggeds'.


Four of the workshop participants.


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