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Site updated: March 2011

        N E W S L E T T E R 

Newsletter 7

    S E E   M Y  C A L E N D A R
    These ancient mediums help us to know ourselves better, and
allow us to re-connect with others. We can delight in the
exploration of new possibilities in inventive ways!

Masks are powerful instruments of communication. They have
been used since the dawn of Creation to tell a story, heal and
transform. They can conceal and protect as well as reveal
and enlighten.


 words for thought

It is a
concept and a place where you can...

  Take time to explore, develop and transform

safely on a personal level.
(The very act of masking is transformational -
if only for a short time. A chance to

experience, understand, become aware and


Have the freedom and gain the courage to
connect with others honestly.

and have experiences that will...

Inspire you.
 Help you to rediscover your inherent creativity.
 Celebrate your strengths and help you to
break through the barriers that hold you back.
 Give you a sense of your uniqueness.
  Celebrate your connectedness to others.
 Be really good fun!
Read more in the offerings and workshops sections.

    Expressive Arts Adventures      
  Eagle Lake Arts Retreat Centre
  Custom Fibre Art
  Talks and Workshops
    My intent is, through my offerings, to:

  Honour and celebrate the re-establishment of connection with ourselves -
family, friends, community and the natural world.
  Provide an environment that inspires, encourages, nurtures and energizes.
  Create honestly and freely.
 Deliver innovative, fresh and meaningful work of the highest calibre.
  Be open to all possibilities.


     Here you'll find:

 About me and more about masks.
 Offerings what I can do for and with you.
 Calendar - updated details of my May - August 2005 workshops.
  My gallery holds New Work, and has various displays in the Mask Room,
Fibre Room, Commissions,
and Workshop Rooms.
  Descriptions of the workshops that I offer.
  Information and outlines of my talks and performances
  Read about Expressive Arts and how you can become involved in the "Adventures"!
  Read about my Eagle Lake Arts Retreat Centre and give yourself a creative treat!
  My favourite links to take you further on your cyber journeys!

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I welcome commissions for personal masks and stories, and for
photo-transfer quilts or wall hangings that celebrate or commemorate.
I'll tailor talks, performances and workshops, which incorporate fibre,
stories and mask for individuals, guilds, and student or corporate
For more information, please email:



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