The one period session was designed to stimulate imaginations and
capture the magic of storytelling.

I talked a little about my own masks and the guidelines for mask use. We built a
story together by first having the students ask me to do a number of different
activities, without words, while I was in mask. For example pick a flower, play
hockey, dig a hole, write a letter.

Afterwards, using those activities as a starting point, each student gave me a
sentence that built the story. It's very exciting as it's a quick, spontaneous and
sometimes outrageous exercise!

I also told 3 or 4 stories in mask.

One teacher commented afterwards that she was amazed that I was able to hold
their attention. A few students were known to have very short concentration
spans, but were captivated by the notion of masks and stories.

Students were eager to try a mask for themselves and readily performed for the
rest of us!

      A montage of images from the workshop.                


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