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In a time of immediacy, literalism and disconnectedness, masks and stories
provide us with an opportunity to explore our world and ourselves in a fun,
ancient and powerful way. They permit us to flex our imaginative muscles,
rehearse what might be and experience what is, in a unique way.

Masks conceal and protect as well as reveal and enlighten.

I create masks intuitively. I use modelling medium, handcrafted felt and found
materials. Often the mask will emerge before a story finds it. The stories are
from around the world -Native American, Europe, Asia, Africa I also
encourage the groups I work with to help me build a story or stories for a mask,
which I then tell back to them. Questions such as 'What age am I from?',
'Where do I live?' 'What manner of being am I?' all help to bring the character alive.

Discussion can build the bridge between story and life, helping us to learn about
others and ourselves. Participation is an integral part of any program I run.

 Topics and activities include:

Introduction to mask - examples from around the world - overhead presentation.
Mask creation - warm up exercises, discussion. Participants make their own
masks, story/character development, and etiquette, mask use.
Mask Use - warm up exercises, discussion, and etiquette. Participants use
masks I bring, story building, movement, sound and mask performance.
Storytelling in mask

 Example of 1.5 hour Session given to Grades 3 students

A one peroid session designed to stimulate imaginations and capture
the magic of storytelling.

See some pictures taken at one of these sessions.

 Example of 1.5 hour Session
given to Grades 4, 5 and 6 students

Brief introduction to masks and mask use across the ages, an
overhead presentation Mask 'etiquette' and pointers on mask use.
Masks and storytelling, a demonstration. Building a story with
mask - using provided masks, students build and tell a short story.

See some foil masks made at a recent workshop.

 Example of 1.5 hour Session given to Grade 8 students

Introduction to Mask and Mask use.
This one period session comprises an introduction to mask; examples
of masks from around the world, as well as my own; guidlines for mask
use and a short demonstration. Students choose a provided mask, and
with guidance, perform a short scene.

See some pictures taken at one of these sessions.

 Example of 2, 1.5 hour Sessions for Grade 10 students

These sessions worked in conjunction with a unit on
Personal Awareness and Personal Development.

Introduction to mask use
Examples of 'personal' masks
Creation of personal masks using a provided, lightweight base
on which students painted, and embellished with a variety of
provided materials including feathers, beads, fabrics, raw wool,
wood, ribbons
Mask movement and sound exercises
Exploration of mask use in a variety of 'scenes' .

See some of the student's work:- group 1, and group 2.

 Example of 3, 1.5 hours Sessions for Grade 12 students

These sessions worked in conjunction with a unit on Greek Theatre.

Introduction to a variety of theatre and dance masks
Construction and creation of masks
for specific Greek characters
using a modeling medium which air dries.
Pointers on mask use
Performance of scenes
using the character masks.

See some examples of student's work from these sessions.
I've been a corporate trainer for many years. I'm now working full time
with mask, story and fibre art. I feel honoured to have Rita Grimaldi and
Helen Porter, Canadian storytellers and Michael Chase, Master Mask
maker and user from England as teachers and guides while I develop this work.

        Newsletter 7      

I can tailor talks, performances or workshops, which 
incorporate fibre, stories and mask, for individuals,
guilds, and student or corporate groups.

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