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March 2006. Welcome to Cocoonnections! - a place where you can hear about what I'm up to here at The Creative Cocoon.  

Exciting plans are well underway for more expressive arts experiences here at The Cocoon and at other locations both nationally and internationally. I have developed a number of new workshops and retreats including: Create your own Cocoon, Come meet your old Geezer! And ‘Your Walking-Talking Stick’.  They have been piloted over the past several months and the response has been overwhelming! I am very grateful these new offerings are being received so positively!  Contact me for more information at fay@thecreativecocoon.com

I have been appointed the Coordinator of the Expressive Arts Post Graduate Certificate Program being offered by Sir Sandford Fleming College, Haliburton Campus. This is an 8-week program in which I will be teaching two of the four mandatory courses in the Spring, a course in the summer program and a brand new course called Expressive Arts Incubator for graduates of the program or those working the expressive arts field.  I’m very much looking forward to being part of this new adventure. See my calendar for more information.
Warmly, Fay.

If you're new to my site, visit the page that tells you about the kinds of things I'm doing and offering.- see my calendar of scheduled workshops, and also about the many workshops I've created for you. If you're looking for something you might have seen on an earlier visit, try the site map. My gallery exhibits my masks, fibre arts and much more!


Upcoming Connections.


Visit my calendar to read about the workshops
I am involved with during the next few months.

If you've any ideas on what you'd like to see here
at The Creative Cocoon please do contact me
at fay@thecreativecocoon.com

The Creative Cocoon
2837 Haliburton Lake Road
Eagle Lake,
Ontario K0M 1M0,
phone - 705 754 4004

New Work.

Much of my efforts recently have been spent creating clay masks and spending time writing their stories. Although this is a time consuming venture, I can already feel some gems coming through that can be developed.

I have also been exploring room screens
using felted organza as the panels.

Puppet building:
"Inbetween" has many stories to tell about
what it's like to be between here and there.


Studying 'Voice':
Recently I was lucky enough to receive a grant from The Haliburton Economic Development Corporation to study voice with actress Kate Hennig in Toronto. I took 20 hours with her working with breath, resonance, articulation and quality. It was a very powerful time as I learned to discover my true voice. I'm hoping I can continue my study with her in the Fall.

This year seems to be yet another turning point for me as I strive to focus on those things that are truly important to me. So I have been stripping away some of the many distractions that take me away from my true loves. I will now no longer be offering B&B for summer students who attend The Haliburton School for the Arts, but I will continue hosting retreats and workshops here. I have been very grateful for the support so many people have given me in the B&B and I have met some wonderful people.

I have withdrawn from the Haliburton Highlands Art Studio Tour in the Fall. This now leaves me more time and energy to focus on my expressive arts work with masks and stories, combining my fibre work in this direction also.
I am spending more time writing and it is my intention to submit articles to magazines both in print and on-line, as well as working on my book, which will incorporate masks and stories.
The working title is "Sing your own song - create a personal mythology with masks and stories".

Canoe FM:
I continue to do and enjoy my weekly radio show called Women, Weeds & Wisdom on Canoe FM, our community radio station.
April saw the debut edition of The Rear View Ė perspectives to stimulate thought. Iíve gathered 4 women together from different walks of life and different backgrounds and once a month, weíre going to 'toss around ideas'.

For the first show we each brought a quote or short story that we discussed. The chat is punctuated with music the ladies bring in. It went really well!. The guys at the radio station hadnít seen so many people round a table, and set up lots of extra mics. Itís live, and I was a bit nervous, but all was well. One lady brought her 6 month old daughter who contributed beautifully!!


Workshop News

Read my Workshop Overview

Some recent workshops: -
In February I had the honour of working with Wind In the Pines Country Retreat where I conducted a weekend called "The Sacred Art of Mask & Stories". This was a very powerful experience for all concerned. One participant said "it was an amazing feeling to be seen and heard."
See these pics from the workshop.

I will be doing another retreat weekend with Wind In the Pines in July - read about it in my calendar, or visit their website.
Contact me for more information.

Textile Program:
Last Fall I was working in the new Textile Program at the brand new campus of Sir Sandford Fleming College, involved both in a technical capacity and as an instructor for the Innovation in Textiles class.It was fascinating to see the student's progress, and I've placed some of my students pics here for you to see!

Previous workshops and talks:
Over past months Iíve also held several retreats and given a number of felt workshops and talks, for example: The Bobcaygeon Quilt Guild, see pic, The Embroiderers' Guild AGM, in Kitchener, Home Support in Haliburton, The Barrie Guild of Fine Arts and Crafts, and the Red Cross in Peterborough.

The unusual combination of masks, stories and the creative process was very well received, and indeed it was a pleasure for me!

Featured 'Piece of the Month'.

Student pieces from my workshops:

Piece of the Month pages   See Caroline's mask made at my February weekend workshop at Wind In the Pines Country Retreat.

Wisdom Passed.

Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. - Howard Thurman

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