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Welcome to the fifth issue of Cocoonnections!
Well the year has certainly flown by, I can hardly believe we're into September already! This is a catch up to keep in touch with you and to let you know what is planned here, and what else I'm involved in during the next few months.

If you'd like to know more about anything at all then do contact me.
Phone: 705 754 4004
Postal address: P.O.Box 151, Eagle Lake, Ontario. KOM 1MO. Canada.
updated September 22nd. 2003



The months so far have been full of adventures - starting with 'Art Adventures' in the Spring. Family Services in Haliburton sponsored a group of 9 - 12 year olds to work with me for seven weeks on rod & string puppets. Our final celebrations included each young person telling the story of their creation. The performances came from their hearts and were both moving and entertaining! See more!

May was graduation month. My classmates and I from the expressive arts class of 2002 donned our black robes and awesome head dresses to receive our diplomas from Sir Sandford Fleming College. It was very special to be with the group again.

I was lucky enough to attend a clowning workshop recently, which I thoroughly enjoyed! It definitely changed my perception of what clowning is all about - read and see more.

The Eagle Lake Arts Retreat Centre is developing beautifully! This space has held felting and 'finding your voice' workshops as well as playing host to many students taking advantage of the Haliburton School for the Arts programs. I intend to continue scheduling workshops throughout the Autumn and Winter months, as well as more retreats.
Check my current calendar.
I'm offering expressive arts adventures, arts retreats, workshops, and B&B&B (bed, breakfast and time simply to 'be') in this
special place.
Read about the Creative Writing Retreat in November, with Jane Bow . . . and the "Sculptural Jewellery Workshop" with Erin Lynch . . . .we'd love to see you there!

Wisdom Passed.

"For myself I live, live intensely and am fed by life, and my value, whatever it be, is my own kind of expression of that."
Henry James


Workshops in Review

See my current Calendar for November and December, 2003, which lists upcoming things.

See my Workshop Overview.

This workshop was part of the week called 'Exploring Expressive Arts Modalities', an elective for the Expressive Arts Diploma at Sir Sandford Fleming College in Haliburton, Ontario held this Spring. The workshop I gave was Masks & Storytelling. It was certainly a privilege to work with this year's students. We worked on The Hero's Journey where they were the heroes of their story. Some chose to create puppets, others created a mask. The telling of the stories was one of the most powerful experiences I've been part of.

I taught a week long workshop in July at the Haliburton School for the Arts, Haliburton, Ontario, called Needlefelting & Beyond. The first half of the week was technique oriented, where we explored some of the many facets of dry and wet felting. The latter part of the week the students worked on their own projects - taking techniques of their choice and incorporating them into their pieces.

Projects included a western style hat, a baby's receiving blanket, a felted torso, collars, scarves, saddle blankets, and wall pieces to name a few! It was a real treat for the students of this workshop to be able to spend so much time experimenting with this ancient art.

Upcoming Connections.

Information on events in which I'm taking part.

Please visit my current calendar to see what's happening.

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