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Welcome to this first issue of Cocoonnections!
Here you'll find: new work, news about workshops and information about upcoming events.
Also, share in my recent adventures, read a story I've written and ponder a thought
We'd love to hear what you think!

New Work.

See selected pieces I've completed recently.

An update on my latest discoveries:

Birgitte Krag Hansen Workshop.

Birgitte Krag Hansen and me!

A fantastic opportunity to work with Birgitte,
(whose work I've admired for many years),
presented itself thanks to Sharon Costello from
'Black Sheep Designs' in Renesselaerville, New
York, who organized it all.
The June workshop in 'Felt Sculptural Relief
, was an intensive two days where
I learned Birgitte's innovative wet and dry felting
methods, and met some wonderfully dedicated
felters from across North America.
see the processes in action

Ohio Fibre Fest.
Leslie Samson was instrumental in arranging for
me to attend the Ohio Fibre Fest this summer,
near Cleveland, Ohio. To her, thank you, thank
I had the opportunity to meet with the wonderful

Pat Spark, who has been such a driving force in
moving felt forward in North America. I pretty
well shadowed Pat throughout the weekend,
gophering for her in the Laminated Silk Scarf
, and her Silk Paper workshop.
see some of the results

Ontario Felt In.
What a day we had at our 2nd Ontario Felt In at
Hockley Valley, July 28th! It was energizing and
inspiring to hear and see what other felters are
working on - dragons, elves, mandalas,
cariacatures and mermaids. There were a few
people new to felting, who went away armed
with fibre and needles so they could continue
their adventures! I was starting to feel like an

Our experiments this time focussed on silk
paper for inlays. From the Felt List, we'd heard
about using spray starch as a fast and soluble
means of firming the silk roving. We used
baking parchment to sandwich the
roving/hankies while we ironed them. Several
people cut the silk motifs and Leslie Samson
did the honours of wet felting them onto a fine
fibre background.

CLICK on these images to see an enlargement

Working at the Felt In  Working at the Felt In  Working at the Felt In
We look forward to the next 'get together', which
we're thinking will be a retreat, where we can
have more time to talk, share and explore.
If you're interested in hearing more, please
contact me:fay@thecreativecocoon.com

Workshop News

The "Workshops" section of this site has been
totally revamped!
Check out the Workshop Overview ...


Unfettered Felt.
This one-day workshop is the first in the series
'Fibre Unshackled!' and took place on July 7.
It was a fun filled day of exercises to get the
creative juices flowing. We worked intuitively
with fibre, using the 'hottest new technique' in
felting - dry felting with felting needles - as a tool
to draw on our imaginations.
I asked that people not have a preconceived
notion of an end result, but allow the process of
working with colour and fibre, to guide their
Read and see more...

Youth Theatre Mask Workshops.
It was with great pleasure that I conducted 4
mask workshops for The Theatre Orangeville
Younger Company this summer, as part of their
'guest leader' sessions.
There were 27 students, aged 10 - 16 yrs, who
made and worked with both personal and
character masks.
see some workshop pics

Featured 'Piece of the Month'.

At regular intervals I will post a piece that has
been made at one of the workshops!
See them so far!

Through the warp.

One of my own stories for telling in mask, as I
begin my adventure into writing...
This issue: Firefly

Wisdom Passed.

"We cannot escape fear. We can only
transform it into a companion that
accompanies us on all our exciting
Susan Jeffers.


Upcoming Connections.

Information on events in which I'm taking part.



'Tasks for Masks' Talk:
The Conference for Service & Support Professionals,
Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Ontario,
September 19, 2001.

Festival in the Hills:

Arts Festival in Headwaters Country, Ontario, Canada.
September 29 - October 14, 2001.

'The Magic of Cloth':
Dufferin Piecemakers Quilt Show.
September 29 - 30, 2001. at the Orangeville
Fairgrounds in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada.


'Mystery of Mask': 'Souper Bowl' Talk:
October 3, 2001. Dufferin County Museum, 6 p.m.

'Word Harvest':

Featuring the Dufferin Circle of Storytellers, and local poets, at Corbetton Church,
Dufferin County Museum & Archives, Hwy 89 & Airport Rd.
October 4, 2001. at 7:30 p.m.
Contact: 519.928.5524

Headwaters Country Studio Tour:
Open Studios during the Arts Festival in Headwaters Country, Ontario, Canada.
October 12 - 14, 2001.

'My Adventures in Textile Art' Talk:
Canadian Embroiderer's Guild, London, Ontario, Canada.
October 25, 2001. at 1 p.m.

*Australian Adventure!
I will be in Australia visiting family near Penrith and near Bombala, NSW,
until February 3rd, 2001.
I will also be conducting needle felting workshops in Cooma and Tahmoor.
My email remains the same, so please keep me in touch with your news!

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