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Recent masks....
These are some of my latest felt masks, as I continue to explore the wonderful
possibilities of this media.


      Marsh Sage mask

  Marsh Sage. Mask.

Hand crafted felt, silk, threads, and manmade
fibres. As with most of my masks, Marsh Sage
emerged as I worked the materials. The less
formal planning I do, the more exciting and true
the result!

      Felt mask

  Lady in Waiting. Felt mask.

Handcrafted felt, dyed cotton muslin, silk,
ribbons and yarns. This is a quiet, subtle mask,
yet the more I look at this Lady the clearer her
features seem to become!


      Felt mask

  Mr. Time. Felt mask.

This mask was made around the same time as
'Lady in Waiting' and emerged with strong, bold
features. Handcrafted felt, features and
sculptural detail done with a felting needle.


      Portrayal mask   Silk Paper Masks, Mother and Daughter.

I had the honour to work on 2 portrayals of a
mother and daughter. We first cast their faces,
make a positive mold from Plaster of Paris, then
I laid silk fibre and art tissue paper to create
these light, beautiful masks.
      Portrayal mask

  See the 'offerings' page for more details of this
fascinating concept.


      Felted mask

  My Birgitte mask. Felted mask.

This felt mask was created during a workshop
with Birgitte Krag Hansen, my felting hero!
I learned so much about her fabulous dry and
wet felting techniques.

See more about this workshop

      view enlargement   Improvisation:
Leicester lamb, silk roving, wool locks.
I'm using this mask with audiences to improvise stories. They tell me who I am, where I'm from, how old I am and what challenges I'm facing. From there I build and perform the story. This can be risky, but enormous fun!