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Other masks....
A collection of my earlier and non-felt masks....


      Venus Mercury Mask   Venus Mercury mask.
I wanted to combine the characteristics of Venus
and Mercury. The intention was to present
unconditional love and acceptance/goodness and
beauty, with mischief, messenger, co-ordinator.
Michael Chase, and Jane Belcher, mask makers
from Stroud, England, were my guides and
This was the first time I had ever used clay as a
modelling medium, and has opened up a new
world to me.

      Handheld Mask   Handheld mask.
This mask was made with buckram moulded
over a clay relief, and was the second time I
used clay as a mould.
I thoroughly enjoyed the process of shaping the
clay to my vision...... this image had been in my
mind for a long time, waiting to be released, and
took form very quickly!

      Silenced mask   Silenced mask.
Hand sculpted mask using an air-drying
modelling medium, painted with acrylics. This is
one of my early masks, which leaves space for
my eyes, but not my mouth. A manifestation of
being able to see, but not speak.


      Greek mask   Greek mask.
The next two masks were experiments using
air-drying modelling medium more sculpturally.
I wanted to have the textured surface, so did
not smooth out edges.

      Greek mask   Greek mask.
The masks were sculpted over a Styrofoam
wig stand. The effect is an attempt to replicate
the early Greek masks, which were created
over textured forms.

      Rainbow Mouse Mask  

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Rainbow Mouse mask.
A mask made from modelling medium and
acrylic paints.
A dear friend was drawn to this mask, so
Rainbow Mouse now resides with her.
She is currently writing stories for him.

READ ONE of them