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It's my intention to create working felt masks

Often the masks come before the stories 'find them'.
I've just started writing my own stories. Recently, as I was putting the finishing
touches to one story, a felt mask, 'Contradiction', catapulted off my mask stand....
it fitted my story perfectly!


      Contemplative Spirit mask   Contemplative Spirit, felt mask.
A combination of wet and dry felting techniques
with wool fibre, silk, dyed roving and manmade
The Lithuanian folktale called "The Three Golden
Hairs" 'found' this mask.


      Silk Hag Mask   Silk Hag, felt and silk mask.
This mask began as an experiment to see how
much silk I could successfully use with wool
fibre. As the felting process progressed, the
"Hag" emerged. Stitching and needle felting were
needed to hold the features.


      Let Me Out Mask   Let Me Out, felt mask.
This mask uses lamb's wool, silk and wet and
dry felting techniques.
I've used this mask with groups who help to build
a story, answering questions such as "where am
I from?"...."how old am I?".... and "what am I


      Silent One Mask   Silent One, felt mask.
I used a combination of wet and dry felting
techniques. As the character emerged, well
defined facial features were called for.
The story this 'being' tells is called "Invitation",
by Oriah Mountain Dreamer, a Native American


      Contradiction Mask

  Contradiction felt mask.
I hand-felted this wool mask first then free
machine stitched the details with metallic
threads, using a water-soluble stabilizer.
Features were dry felted with a felting needle.
This is an interesting mask as it speaks to me of
beauty and pain.

      Bird Mask

  Bird felt mask.
I found myself pulling strong colours and laying
them down in bold designs for this mask.
Predominately dyed and natural wool.
A story has yet to find Bird!

      Nanabush Friend mask   Nanabush Friend felt mask.
I tell a Native American story called 'Nanabush
and the Skunk' in this mask. Dyed silk hankies
were hand-felted into dyed wool then machine
stitched. Additional teased roving was needle
felted after the mask was complete.

      Wood Guardian Mask

  Wood Guardian felt mask.
This mask incorporates several different wool
fibres with natural elements. Dried Queen Anne's
Lace and Goldenrod were laid on the wool batt,
covered with netting, and then hand felted and
fulled. Features were emphasized with a felting


      Sun Mask   Sun mask.
These next two masks are examples of early
hand-crafted felted pieces. I experimented
with different wool fibre combinations and
sculptural techniques, as well as testing their
practical use in storytelling.

      Moon Mask   Moon mask.
I also needed to find shrinkage percentages
and how I could evoke the feeling that's needed
to make the mask believable.
I've continued working on this mask, adding
embellishments and features.