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As I continue to explore faces that appear in my felt work, I'm also experimenting with wearable art.


      see the enlargement Expect the Unexpected:

Merino, corriedale, locks, silk, yarn, cotton voile, sculpted with felting needles, mounted on a cotton fabric background, machine quilted and embellished with French knots. It's name came from the fact that I kept finding new 'faces' looking out at me......from within it, even a beautiful young elephant!


      see the enlargement Expect the Unexpected:

Detail image of this piece which I donated to the Sir Sandford Fleming College Auction for their scholarship fund.

My sister sees an eagle in this detail....!

      see the enlargement Necklace:

One of my first experiments with laminating wool and cotton voile. Silk tops give the piece a beautiful lustre.


      see the enlargement

Necklace: detail

See part of this piece a little more closely......
Let me know if you'd like me to make one for you!


      Power Bracelet:

The finest merino, locks, silk and cotton voile make a wonderful, warm, light bracelet - totally unique!!