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These very personal pieces were gifts to my family members. A stone was specially chosen for each person and the felted piece was created to both complement and hold the stone in a safe and unique place. A description of the qualities and properties of the stone accompanied each piece.

Merino wool, silk roving, mohair locks, cotton voile, synthetic fibre, metallic foil, ribbon and threads. The pieces were flat felted with a small pocket resist and some were needlefelted afterwards for three-dimensional effects.

If you're interesting in having me create a very personal gift like this for someone you love, please e-mail me at: 


      see enlargement   F R E E I N G   S T O N E :
assists in releasing inner feelings and opens up the mind and the heart
      see enlargement   M O T I V A T I O N A L   S T O N E :
helps overcome shyness, restores direction in life, protects and encourages energy and joy
      see enlargement   J O Y F U L   S T O N E :
encourages hope, creativity and is soothing to the heart
      see enlargement   P O S I T I V E   A T T I T U D E   S T O N E :
a gentle healer, promotes a sense of well-being, attracts luck
      see enlargement   M E N T A L   C L A R I T Y   S T O N E :
calms the mind to clear out old thought patterns, gives personal insight and wisdom
      see enlargement   L O V E   S T O N E :
opens our hearts to giving and receiving love. Helps release stored anger and brings out inner beauty
      see enlargement   H E A L I N G   S T O N E :
guards against disease, helps to sweep away blocks and release emotional stress