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Several of these pieces combine traditional felting, dry needlefelting and quilting. I'm excited with the results as this opens up so many more possibilities, both for me and my students!


      view enlargement   Supplication:
Silk paper masks mounted on handcrafted felt and a quilted background. This quilt was exhibited at the Dufferin Piecemakers Quilting Guild Show called The Magic of Cloth.

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  African Spirit:
I created a prefelt with a variety of fibres, silk, mohair locks, and threads. I left a panel in the centre free of embellishment, trusting that a face would eventually emerge! I placed some polyester stuffing behind the centre panel and began to needlefelt and add dry fibre, as I needed it.

The quilted background is batik cotton and free machine embroidered. I used a natural cotton batting. The felt was needled onto the background and a few securing stitches were added.

      view enlargement   Hawaiian Voice: Private Collection.
This piece was part of an auction organized by Dufferin County Artists in October 2001 to benefit the New York Relief Fund. The fibre, fabric and techniques I used are similar to African Spirit above.

      view enlargement   Polynesian Queen:
Created at the Jeanette Appleton's Workshop in Canberra, ACT, Australia. A number of different techniques were combined into this one piece. After several samples had been made, we were asked to cut into them then reconstruct and felt a new design. After the initial grip of anxiety had passed, Polynesian Queen took shape!

    view enlargement   view enlargement Australian Vest:
I'm not known for being a seamstress! But I had a hankering to make a felt vest…I had a simple pattern that I laid under plastic as I arranged 3 - 4 layers of fibre, silk and manmade glitz. I wet felted each section roughly to size. With my 84-year-old mother's expert help, this rich vest was fitted and stitched. I needlefelted the machined seams and a number of darts that were deemed necessary!