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These pieces were exhibited at The Station Gallery, Whitby,
Ontario, Canada.



  Perchance to Dream. Portrayal

The Plaster of Paris face is faux finished and
mounted on industrial felt.
The surrounding materials are handcrafted felt,
raw, dyed carded wool, silk, threads, ribbons,
and a shell.
Detail and sculptural effects were done with a
felting needle.

Perchance to Dream. Detail.

See my 'offerings' page for more information on
how I can create a totally unique, personal
portrayal for you.
What a very special gift!
Detail of portrayal


  Mirage. Felted form.

Hand crafted felt with silk, fabric snippets, and
threads. This soft felted piece shimmers inside
with the light creating the illusion of differing


    The other side of the CocoonOne side of the Cocoon

Cocoon. Felt piece.

I seem to be creating many pieces with
'surprises' inside as you look more closely.
This is another work with those thoughts.
Hand crafted felt with threads, fabric, and
manmade fibre. One side has several 'torn'
openings and you have to look through them
and up into the piece to discover more beauty!


view enlargement
Blue Vessel Cover.

Hand crafted felt with needle felted sculptural
detail includes threads, dyed locks, and
manmade fibre. The vessel cover slips over a
glass vase for a very different container for
flowers or all kinds of things!

Other Recent Pieces.

A selection of recent work...

      Silk paper vessel   Silk Paper Vessel.

This vessel was molded over a dish. It comprises
dyed silk fibre and art tissue. A votive candle
now has its place casting a magical light through
the translucent fibre.

Needle felted piece
  Untitled. Felted piece .

This face emerged as I worked dyed wool fibre
with a felting needle onto a quarter inch
industrial felt background.
He wanted to fill the whole space!


      Out of the Blue

  Out of the Blue. Felted piece.

I worked this piece on a flight from Vancouver to
Toronto. I needled the background first, and then
began to work the face with no end result in
mind. Obviously an African influence was at
work here!

      Commemorative Quilt
  Commemorative Quilt.
In Honour of Monica and Raymond.

Monica and Raymond's grandaughter
commissioned this quilted wall hanging.
The pictures span from the early 1900's to the
late 1990's.
The quilt comprises batik fabrics, machine
embroidered motifs, front and back, and is
machine quilted.
A seahorse insisited on being included!

      Commemorative Quilt

Back of Commemorative Quilt.

A pocket is stitched on the back to keep stories
and a record of who is in the photographs.
See the 'offerings' page for more details of this
personalized work.