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This pot-pourri of pieces spans several years of work. Many of them explore my
continuing fascination with mixed media - connecting things that are apparently

disconnected - putting things together that aren't supposed to go together!


Embroidered Remembrance

  A Remembrance.

Example of one of the remembrances made
for all guests of a 50th birthday celebration.
Each one was cut from the same piece of
hand-dyed fabric. The embroidered motif is a
Celtic Heart Knot. It has no beginning and no
end. The small pocket on the front holds a
special pebble. The date was embroidered on
the back.



I was given a fast clay face impression of a
young lady called Molly. I created the felt that
surrounds her. This celebratory piece was
sculpted with a felting needle. It was an honour
working with her!.

      Youngster side of doll

Spirit Doll - Reversible.

This side of this doll has a photograph of me
as a youngster.
The fabric is hand painted and embellished with
found objects, feathers, and stitched wool fibre.
      Adult side of doll

Spirit Doll - Reversed.

This side has me as an adult.
Special objects can be stored in the centre
      Fibre and Raku tile


Raku Tile and Fibre 1.

A collaborative venture with a potter friend,
Dianne Hopkins. Dianne created the raku tiles.
I then formed the centre with raw dyed wool,
silk, threads, and yarn. It is free machine

      Raku tile with fibre   Raku Tile and Fibre 2.

My challenge was to produce a centre that
enhanced and complemented the beautiful
colours of the raku tile. Wire is woven round the
edge. It was a fun and interesting project.

      Fairy panel
Fairy 1.

I finger-painted the background keyhole shape
with textile paints. The fairy is a combination
of felt and 'thread' fabric created with water-
soluble stabilizer and metallic threads.

Fairy panel
Fairy 2.

This is a close-up of a larger piece. Again, the
background is finger-painted. This time I
included lengths of chenille. The fairy hovers
over a machine lace safety net.

Fibre Mat


This mat incorporates fabrics, dyed wool, and
threads. The design was built up from a canvas
base. I free machine embroidered with metallic
threads and used a water-soluble stabilizer.

      Tosca at work  


This hand/arm puppet was a hit with children
and adults alike; it's made from felt, fabric and
fun fur. Although it has a look of a demented
cow, everyone agreed it was the most
handsome cat they'd ever seen!


Dancing Pots


Dancing Pots.

I made the collaged fabric first then cut out the
pot shapes. They were machine appliquéd onto
the background using a blanket stitch.