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      DISPLAY 3:
Quilts and Wall Pieces.

Born and bred in the North of England, it was with great interest that I learned
that County Durham and Northumberland were hotbeds of quilting many years
ago! Perhaps it was in the water, as I thoroughly enjoy quilt making, particularly
my own designs.


      Turtle Quilt   Turtle Quilt.

The turtle is my own design and created using
a variation of reverse appliqué. The border is a
version of the drunkard’s path.


      Turtle Quilt detail

  Turtle Quilt. D E T A I L

The fabrics are 100% cotton and include
hand-dyed, batik and commercial pieces.


      The back of Turtle Quilt
  Turtle Quilt reverse.

My own design that uses drunkard’s path
blocks. This side incorporates reproductions of
my hands, and a number of embroidered motifs.
Similar fabrics were used.


      Detail of the back

Turtle Quilt reverse.

The whole quilt is machine pieced and quilted.


      View the quilt


My Inuksuit.

This lap-sized quilt is my interpretation of
Inuksuit, stone structures built and used by
the Inuit. Fabrics are 100% cotton, primarily
hand-dyed, and batik.
I experimented with some of my machine's
embroidery stitches in the borders.
The quilt is machine pieced


      Detail of Inulsuit panel  
My Inuksuit.
  D E T A I L

A variation of reverse appliqué was used for
each Inuksuk. Inuksuit are free machined in
the sashing.
My trusty Pfaff machine embroidered the motifs.


Corn Beans Quilt
  Corn and Beans Quilt.

This is a traditional quilt pattern where I tried to
bring in a variety of lights and darks into the
The fabrics are 100% cotton. The double bed
sized quilt is machine pieced.


      Fan Quilt   Fan Quilt.

This quilt began as a single fan block made in
Betty Sanderson's workshop. It then took on a
life of it's own and grew into a queen-sized quilt!.


      Back of Fan Quilt  
Fan Quilt reverse.

This is the reverse side of the quilt.


      Detail of centrepiece  

Fan Quilt.
 D E T A I L

This detail shows the centre panel of the quilt.


      Bottle Quilt


Bottle Quilt.

This is a fun way to use up those feature
fabrics. Our quilt guild makes some every year.
They're donated to the firefighters, shelters and
police in our area for them to give to kids in


Energy Hanging, front and back


Energy hanging, front (and reverse).

This incorporates Chinese symbols for energy
and spirit. Pieces were fussy-cut from
commercial fabrics and appliquéd to the
background. The circles were created using
Nancy Crow's stack and slash technique.
Energy reverse
A reproduction of my hand is machine
appliquéd on the back of this hanging
and has an angel charm stitched to it.


      Stack and Slash


Stack and Slash.

These pieces were constructed using
Nancy Crow's Stack and Slash technique.
Several blocks are made at the same time,
stacked on top of each other, cut and resewn
into new blocks.