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Photo Transfer Quilts and Pieces....

Photographs or other images are copied or scanned onto heat-transfer paper.
I then iron the image onto Kasha Lining, my favourite fabric for this work,
although I'm experimenting with other materials, for example silk, leather and felt.
I love working with pictures, each one has something to say, a story to tell, a
feeling to evoke, a memory to bring to mind and heart.
My role is to create a 'space' for them where they can come into their own
and speak.


      Cave Memories

  Cave Memories.

This piece comprises old personal pictures and
photos of caves from France, which make up
the background. I machine stitched with
metallic thread and glued the masks and stars
as a final touch.

Birthday Quilt


80th. Birthday Quilt.

This is a large, mixed media quilt that includes
3 hand-felted panels that were free machine
stitched. Each non-photographic panel reflects
the recipient's interests either literally or

      Birthday Quilt detail

  80th. Birthday Quilt.  D E T A I L

The photographs span over a 100 year period
and include the recipient's mother as a
youngster and her family. Major life events or
special people surround the central, oldest



      The next three images are from samples created to demonstrate how similar
pictures can be portrayed in different styles.

      Posed Girls

  Posed Girls.

This young lady posing with domestic
paraphernalia moved me. She seems so sad,
yet resigned. I decided to use a more formal
setting with subdued colours, and a star fabric
suggesting hope.




      Pyramid   Pyramid.

There is a precocious look about these young
ladies, yet they are so young! I chose a pink
batik fabric as the background. The piece is
machine stitched with metal thread cocooning
the images.


      Young Girls   Young Girls.

Vibrant colours and a variety of different textural
fabrics create this rich collage piece. I laid the
photo images down first, then build up the
collage around them. It is free machine stitched
with rayon thread.




Mother and Daughter


Mother and Daughter.

I smile every time I see this piece! It's my
mother and I after an afternoon of creating.
We're both shown modelling a fabric collage
bag I had made! However, we thought it could
work equally as well as a hat! We had such fun!




      Riley   Riley.

My dear grandson at less than 24 hours old!
He certainly looks ready to take on the world!
The chosen fabrics carry symbols of indigenous
cultures, many of them Australian.




Section of Wedding Quilt
  Wedding Quilt.

3 pieces were designed as a wedding gift. One
quilt depicts the groom's family as far back as
we could. One depicts the bride's family and
the third celebrates the bride and groom
growing up and their courtship.




Detail from Wedding Quilt
  Wedding Quilt.  D E T A I L

Each panel has groupings of generations from
the paternal and maternal sides of the family,
and this is a detail from one of them.
At the presentation the recipients', not normally
known to display emotion, had tears in their




      Bungle Bungles wall piece   Bungle Bungles wall piece.

I began with a photograph of the Bungle Bungles
in Australia, which I transferred to fabric. Dyed
wool fibre was built up around it, and then free
machine stitched to the background with
metallic thread.