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Felted Pieces.

Personal Mythology
(exploring the underlying truth about me) is the theme
for this series in terms of connecting aspects of myself that are/were
disconnected; the notions of inner and outer guidance, inner and outer beauty;
the multitude of faces I present to the world, and an acknowledgement of
where and who I am now.




The outer shell is a combination of dyed wool
and synthetic fibres felted and fulled in the
washing machine.
The "Guardian" is natural wool that I dry felted
with a felting needle.

I did not have a fixed image in my mind when I
began to needle this face. It emerged as I

      Guardian detail




A combination of wool fibres, yarn and
embroidery thread wrapped round a circular
form, felted and fulled in the washing machine.
I fashioned the figure from modelling medium.

      Inner Beauty

  Inner Beauty.

Dyed wool and synthetic fibres wrapped round
a circular form, felted and fulled in the machine.
I was aiming to portray an inner richness.
A polished stone rests in the centre.


      Two faced

  Two Faced.

This face is dry felted with a felting needle. The
face emerged as I worked, I added details once
the expression of determination was complete.
      Two Faced Reverse

  Two Faced Reverse.

This is the reverse side of 'Two-Faced'. Again, it
was dry felted with a felting needle - a more
reclusive, withdrawn impression. Two sides of
the same being, cradled and supported in its
own felted receptacle.


      Emerging   Emerging.

A female felted form, shrouded in metallic,
manmade fibre, emerging from a wool-felted egg.
The pieces were created separately, but fitted
perfectly after being washing machine felted and


Dyed wool, threads, manmade fibre wrapped
and felted around an oval shape. I cut into the
shape to reveal the unexpected and rich
texture inside.

In Native American teaching the West has lessons for us about responsibility;
responsibility for ourselves, Mother Earth and all our relations on the earth.
It's a time of life that people who've been given a vision know themselves well
enough to be ready to share the lessons, where people find out what their abilities
and skills are.
A time when people are not afraid to say something that is unknown or beyond
their capabilities.
It's a time of strength and balance. It's the power of serving: serving with strength,
courage, grace and great ability.

I named this next felt piece "West Wind" before I became aware of these
teachings. This presents me with the notion of the power of our inner wisdom...
of knowing things I didn't know I knew. Of looking at my creations with a different
eye and of trusting my art to teach and guide me.

      West Wind   West Wind.

Dyed wool fibre and metallic manmade fibre,
felted and fulled in the washing machine. I pull
colours from my stash intuitively, getting
out of my own way whenever I can!
      West Wind detail   West Wind   D E T A I L

Once completed, I discovered the face
nestled inside. I worked with the features as I
saw them, with a felting needle.