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      S E E   M Y  C A L E N D A R
What is Expressive Arts?

Expressive Arts Workshops

Expressive Arts is about using the transformative power of art making of all kinds in a playful way that can lead to insights, healing and personal growth.

"The expressive arts have the power to transform the human being into what he or she was intended to become. Part of the fun of expressive arts is being involved in a community of explorers who dare to sing, move, paint and celebrate the soul...from the most authentic part of what it means to be human."  Dr Brian Nichols

Expressive arts can help us make sense of our experiences and the world around us. It is said that creativity and healing originate in the same part of the brain. But we don’t need researchers to tell us what we know in our hearts and have witnessed with our own eyes.

My practice includes working with both individuals and groups of all ages. Some come with questions and through playful artmaking I act as a guide and strive to create an environment where wisdom can reveal itself.


    It's like taking a canoe trip with me as your guide on one part of the River of Life…

We have clear intentions and open and honest hearts
As with all adventures it can be lots of fun and challenging too
I draw on my experience and what I know to suggest, invite and provide what it is you
    need in terms of materials, technique, comfort and safety
You decide on the route you want to take - how quickly you want to travel, where you'd
    like to linger, when you want to put ashore and which rapids you want to run
You may paddle directly to your intended destination using media that will take you there
You may think you've arrived when you then decide to go a bit further, take the next bend using     different media to continue to explore the same intent. You may be surprised by what you find,
    see and understand
If you ask to go to parts of the river that I'm unfamiliar with, I'll connect you to people who can
    take you there

"Expressive Arts enhances our ability to more deeply understand ourselves and others and the world around us through the exploration of creative arts such as music, movement, visual and narrative arts. Through the power of the creative process, expressive arts promotes
self awareness, growth and life enhancement.

    Do any of the following strike a chord with you?
you're getting caught up in the daily swirl of life and need a 'time out'
you're either contemplating or are in the midst of change and looking for clarity
you feel 'blocked'
you think it's time you got to know yourself better
you'd like a chance to be yourself
you wonder 'when will it be my turn?' or 'where am I at, now the children have gone?'

    Consider an expressive arts adventure with me... it's accessible to everyone, whether or not you believe you're artistic… we focus on the process, not the end product…
drop me a note at fay@thecreativecocoon.com or see expressive arts workshops descriptions
to help you plan your next creative 'exploration'…!

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