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           S E E   M Y  C A L E N D A R

    As a storyteller, I perform - I don't read from books. I tell many stories in mask.
Storytelling is not just for kids - it's for everyone.

Stories are vital ways we identify our values, celebrate our loves and passions
and explore our strengths and weaknesses.
Stories have much to teach us, not only about ourselves but also about the
differences between information, knowledge and wisdom.
Stories help us to think more symbolically, to interpret, and to be less linear in
our thinking.
Stories have been used the world over to pass on collected wisdom.
Storytelling is great fun!

My repertoire contains stories from around the world.
I tell many stories in the masks I make.
As examples, I can tell stories at: 

Womens' Retreats  
Corporate functions  
Seniors' Centres  
Celebrations, Festivals and recitals  
Book Stores  
Fay and Jake      
    I'm drawn to stories about determination, perseverence, creative problem solving,
compassion, change and transformation. I also love stories that take unexpected
twists - upsetting our assumptions!

I often work in collaboration with Jake Wilkinson, not only an extraordinary musician
and composer, but also an extraordinarily intuitive and truthful person.
    If you'd like to talk to me about a storytelling performance for you and your group,
drop me a note at



  I can tailor talks, performances or workshops,
which incorporate fibre, stories and mask, for 
individuals, guilds, and student or corporate groups.
Talks & Performances
Talks descriptions
Performances information


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