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          30 Masks for a Housewarming Ceremony.

Some of the masks.
     The client was embarking on a new path for herself and her son
 and wanted to celebrate this transition by having her guests
 wear masks for part of the evening's festivities.

 My intent was to create masks that would be fun, exciting and
 convey a sense of 'unveiling' to reveal true identities, which
 could face new possibilities.
 Every mask incorporated at least one mirror as a symbol of
 connectedness and reflection.
 Guests were able to select the mask they wished to wear and
 ultimately take home with them as a

       T H E N  C L O S E   I T S   W I N D O W  
    EgyptTurtleGreen LadyOld Frost Young Frost  FeatherMoon

        EmergingItalianWisdomFlowSouth AfricanSoar

       SmoothgoldSunburstElegant DuckGirlEnlighteningImp
        Purple BurstFreedomMidnightSoftly ProtectedMosaic Sequin

      RomanMedieval GemTree SpiritWood NymphGreen BirdSunflower