The Creative Cocoon
Fay Wilkinson      

I am a Registered Expressive Arts Consultant/Educator, Storyteller and Artist. Through my studio and expressive arts practice, The Creative Cocoon, I explore the transformative power of art making for self-discovery and healing.

A graduate of the Expressive Arts Post Graduate Program from Sir Sandford Fleming College, I have studied with master mask makers in England, renowned storytellers and voice coaches in Canada as well as the Sheridan School of Craft & Design.

I am the academic coordinator and faculty member in the Expressive Arts Post-Graduate Certificate at Sir Sandford Fleming College, a member of The International Expressive Arts Therapy Association and The Society of Arts in Healthcare. I conduct workshops and retreats nationally and internationally. My artwork is in private collections in Canada, the U.S., Australia and Europe.

But perhaps more important than credentials is that you know I strive for authentic self expression in my own work; that I continue to learn, explore and play every day; and that I create a safe environment where others can use art making as a tool to discover their own voice and tell their own stories.

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